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Liberated After The Day From Hell, Ginny Finds Herself Locked Out Of Her Apartment Surely You Can Reach The Inside Lock Through The Mail Box Slot When She Realises She Is Stuck, The Last Thing She Needs Is The Help Of Her Intimidating Neighbour, Who Also Happens To Be Incredibly Attractive.Originally Posted As A Radclyffe Author Challenge Story.Short Story, Completed August 13, 2005.

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    Ginny Soderstrom, ER medical secretary, has been having a very bad day What with being late, coffee accidents, lots of work, and, most importantly for her persent circumstances, being short of cash Otherwise she might not have ended up with her arm stuck in a mail slot Didn t have enough cash, you see, to pay a locksmith So stuck in a door she found herself at the start of this story.And then, to add insult to injury, the last woman Ginny wants to find her in that situation, finds her in that situation A woman by the name of Patricia Edmond.But then Patricia has to go and help her, and completely change Ginny s perception of her I was randomly wandering various websites and happened to notice several names I recognized One of which was Gun Brooke And I saw that there was this free story so I got it Then, seemingly without any control on my part, I found myself devouring said story it should be noted that it isn t the only free story I got it s just the only one that pulled me in and made me...

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    Short and moderately steamy

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    Taut, sweet tension

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