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Momo Freaks Out A Long Time Ago, Way Before Facebook And Instagram, And When No One Had Even Considered Snapchat, There Were Blogs One Day, Bored At Work, Momo, A Typical Twenty Something, Discovered This Curious New Underworld Of Secret Diaries Soon She S Living Her Life Online, Baring Her Soul And Relationships, Equal Parts Funny And Pitiful With Blogged Stories And Anecdotes Spanning A Freakishly Well Remembered Childhood And Her Then Present, Momo S Blog Life Opens Doors, Eventually Taking Her From Being A Young Book Editor In Melbourne To An English Teacher In Tokyo Navigating Earthquakes From Under A Table Momo Freaks Out Represents A Time, A Subculture And A Whole Lot Of Silly Hijinks In A Decade That Seems Both Very Recent And Distant.

[BOOKS] ⚡ Momo Freaks Out  ✯ Samone Bos – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Momo Freaks Out
  • Samone Bos
  • English
  • 11 October 2017
  • 9781760405700

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    3.5 sMomo Freaks Out is the first adult book by Australian editor, blogger and author, Samone Bos Samone is Momo, and the blog covering some six and a half years of her life forms the basis of this book Momo s blog begins in 2002, with everyday life while she s an editor of children s books, and covers her relocation to Japan to teach English, her separation from her husband during a sojourn in London, their time in Singapore with excursions to Europe, their return to Melbourne, pregnancy and motherhood Just like many blogs of that era, she offers opinions and relates anecdotes from life incidents, encounters and conversations at home, at work, at entertainment venues, restaurants, retail outlets, wherever life takes her There are crazy antics, occasional inappropriate hijinks and weird interactions with strangers Many of the entries are hilariously funny some are timeless, whilst others are unapologetically dated, no doubt ensuring a bout of nostalgia for some readers Bos does not hesitate to tell stories against herself, and her self deprecating quips provide plenty of humour Many parts of this novelised version of Momo s blog will have universal appeal, but Melbourne locals and readers of a ...

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    I m sorry, but what is this book about This morning, I wanted something silly, but not THIS silly.Recipe for this book Insert some scandalous body part teehee several times into every page titty, boobie, penis, whatever you have it Literally, in nearly every page, regardless of whether it s relevant or not , talk about basically anything and nothing, really, and use a lot of onomatopoeia And you ve got...

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    It s true that the early days of the internet feel like they were a long time ago now Before Instagram and Facebook, before likes and tweets, there were blogs These were windows into someone else s world and I don t think any of us who wrote blogs at that time, in the early to mid noughties, had any idea how many people might be reading these little corners of the web where we poured our hearts out and shared the sometimes daily goings on of our lives.Samone, or Momo, was one of these bloggers and for those of us who read and enjoyed her blog of the same name, Momo Freaks Out, at the time, this is a great trip down memory lane Melbourne based readers will particularly enjoy it, I think, as it captures that beloved city very well, paying homage to many institutions that are still standing or long gone.Momo Freaks Out is a fun and colourful romp through one young woman s coming of age as the digital era began following her journey from young publishing professional in Melbourne to travelling to Japan to become an English teacher, and all the highs and heartaches that happen along the way, even a few absolutely hysterical brushes with the law.I love Samone Bos s writing, it has so much energy, character and genuine comedy about it Momo as a narrator is very self deprecating and while she is ambitious and makes things happen, she is also quirky and kind, trying to get along in a big city and finding herself in ...

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    The year was 2008 I was sitting at my desk in a job well past its best by date and scrolling the abyss of the interwebs If my memory serves me right, then I had landed on the blog of a woman who had recently customised a Blythe doll for me peak Blythe mania for this faddist and her latest entry announced that her friend Samone had just welcomed twins to the world Well, I clicked on over to meet this Samone mama of cute twinsies and than eight years later I m still stalking her virtually like Jessica Walters in a shadow behind Clint Eastwood s door in Play Misty for Me Well, maybe like a true Belieber.So before there were twins for Samone, there were the early noughties, when Momo joined or perhaps WAS the bloggerati of the World Wide Web and I d pitifully never heard of her Time travelling back to 2002 and catching up on Momo s life pre kids and hip mid century home in bayside suburbia was like watching series one of Broad City for the first time when you ve just binged on series two on iView What a joyous and nostalgic ride it was.Momo Freaks Out records in blog style without the hyperlinks the adventures of Momo Samone , a charmingly witty and endearingly kooky twenty something with a promising career in publishing, an enviable designer wardrobe, a cute and clever husband and the latest iPod Oh, and a serious case of wanderlust Harking from regional Riverina where the clouds rain dust ...

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    From the opening pages of Momo Freaks Out it is clear that Bos is a genuine character and her highly spirited nature and penchant for the celebration of all things alternative geeky lands her in unusual situations than most This certainly makes for entertain...

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    I really enjoyed this Such a funny and heartwarming account of the author s adventures in travel, marriage, motherhood and just figuring things out.

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    I received a digital copy of Momo Freaks Out from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Honestly, I came to dread reading this Sorry to say, others seem to have loved it to pieces It is a diary of Mo...

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    A fun, light read Highly comical I love everyones nicknames The cover design and colours are super cool.

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    Momo Freaks Out was a blog that made into a book For those of us in America, think something along the lines of There is plenty of humor and real life, which makes the book something everyone can relate to at some point in their life This is a good book to read when you feel like your world is going crazy, it...

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