Free ↠ The Long Way Home By Z.A. Maxfield –

The Long Way HomeEver Since The Accident That Cost Him His Job On The Seattle Police Force, Kevin Quinn Has Been Living With Psychic Abilities He Refers To As The Gift That Keeps On Taking His Attempts To Use His Talents To Help The Police Have Been Met With Limited Success Yet, When Teenage Boys Start Going Missing From The Beach Cities Of Southern California, Kevin Gets On A Plane.Connor Dougal Has Every Reason To Believe All Psychics Are Fakes And Charlatans He S Still Numb From The Disappearance Of His First Love, A Boy Who Went Missing 10 Years Earlier Everything He Aspires To Is A Direct Result Of That Tragedy, Even The Acquisition Of His Detective Shield The Irony Of Having To Babysit Kevin Quinn Is Not Lost On Him.These Two Suspicious Men Must Develop Trust And Respect For One Another To Solve The Case And, On The Way, Maybe Fall In Love.

Free ↠ The Long Way Home By Z.A. Maxfield –
  • Audio CD
  • The Long Way Home
  • Z.A. Maxfield
  • 25 June 2017
  • 9781536663587

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    Hello Readers YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE Well I have 2 questions for you.1 Have you read this book 2 If not,WHY haven t you read this yet I was not going to write a review for this.But then I saw that this book is not very well known.So I had to write one.So first of all let me tell you how pleasantly surprised I was by the way this book turned out to be.I actually loved it.If it was not for a few abrupt things and the fact that I had already guessed who the evil dude in this story was,I would have rated it higher Storyline Kevin Quinn,a very capable cop once,lost his job and one eye in an accident a few years back.But he gained something in return.A gift if you can call it that.He gained psychic abilities.But the world ridiculed him and his abilities.So,now he lives the life of a hermit.Until his brother in law,a cop too,calls him Boys,Kevin, said Carl Somebody s taking boys.No evidence,no trace,no ransom demands,and no bodies ever show up.It s like the rapture happened,and we are all left behind So he returns to his hometown and meets with Connor Dougal.A newly promoted detective.Connor does not believe in any of this psychic bullshit.But he has agreed to be Kevin s handler because he is an...

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    I hate to be a thundercunt about this butTis a shame to because this book started off strong and then the fuckery snowballed until I was allThis is a murder mystery with a serial killer Kevin is a psychic and former cop His bro in law recruits him to help with the investigation because the police have got bupkis He gets paired with Connor who is wealthy, privileged and has a SECRET.I was intrigued right away by their acrimonious relationship The sniping was good and nothing gets my motor running faster than some hate fucking enemies to lovers.But then it quickly devolved into corniness then swerved into Cheeseville with a final destination of Instalove Central.I probably would ve been ok with that had the bierasure not occurred But it did and it kind of gave me Rageface.I stuck with it mostly because I wanted to see how the whodunnit came out and you know what That was the easiest culprit to identify ever which made m...

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    Audio 5 starsStory 4 starsThe killer was predictable but the mystery held my interest The ott insta was off putting at first but the MCs as a couple eventually grew on me The audio was flawless J.F Harding..hello so I was able to overlook the editing issues in the actual book.

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    4.5After all these years I still love the shit out of this book Let me give you a timeline I first read this book when my little one was a newborn, he s 9 now and very close to 10yrs The story has always been a winner for me and Z.A Maxfield has produced some of my fave stories of all time I love her writing style and her characters There s always charm and heat in her stories and I ll forever remain a fan I m a little sentimental when it comes to ZAM book.Kevin Quinn happens to be one of my fave characters and there is just something about him that I ve always loved and adored The plot is a little heavy because like all things dealing with children it makes my heart hurt but as I said the writing is charming a...

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    2.5A GR friend recently pointed out the tendency readers have to react negatively when a book disappoints us the better the author, the sharper the disappointment, and the unforgiving our reaction I myself tend to be harder on books that tantalize me with a plotline or set of characters I really, really like and then don t deliver the way I think they should, as opposed to books that don t disappoint me because I never had much in the way of expectations for them Not to mention those books which get a high rating for the modest feat of surprising me by not totally sucking Z A Maxfield is one of my top three or four M M authors, and I really liked the whole psychic set up of this and had high hopes for the two leads So I was triply bummed when the book didn t deliver to my specifications My biggest issue was the mellow pacing, which might have worked for some stories, but for a book that focuses on a serial murderer of young boys, I wanted to slap the Kindle and yell quit fooling around a...

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    I cannot stand Connor Really Why would he not give poor Kevin the chance at someone who might truly love him I did not know how to rate this book, I honestly think I might have been a bit generous The rating might change but my opinions are the same I loved Kevin he was such a good character to read and I had a lot of sympathy for him throughout the book His special gift was one of the main parts of the story and his relationship with Connor was secondary to me anyway I don t have animals I d like to get another dog someday Look, Dad, this thing with Connor, he s well, I m sure he s sincere but he s new to all this And I know he s still in love with Andrew Schilling, he s never gotten over that It may be that we re just for now, you know I m the first gay man he s been close to since Andrew I m probably the first opportunity he s had to explore that side of himself I don t want you to hold it against him if it doesn t work out I figure I ll just go back to Kevin saw his dad s eyes widen and turned just in time to meet a fist squarely with his jaw It dropped him like a rock onto his dad s kitchen floor.As much as I hate to admit it I hated Connor and as a couple I was not rooting for him and Kevin He was so hung up on his dead first love that it sickened me I know some people don t mind books like that, I on the other hand hate books like that.When Connor was going on about ...

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    This book was great It was actually very very funny and had me laughing out loud a number of times Especially Kevin and Connor s warped sense of humor There were so many one liners in this book that I didnt stop reading until I finished it at 3am Its a good thing I dont work today The chemistry between the H H was slow to build, but once it did, what a chemistry it was The plot was fantastic children missing and a psychic former police detective called in to help Did I mention th...

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    TW death of a pet, discussion of abduction and murder of children, ableism, homophobia, domestic violence, abduction, violence attempted murder torture, murder So if you follow me on GR, you may have noticed I did a lot of status updates while reading this one That s what happens when I m bored, unfortunately I had several issues with this book, so let s get the good out of the way first.I liked the idea of this book much better than its execution I liked Kevin and Connor for the most part They were far from perfect characters and they both had issues to work through I liked that the author explored what happens when someone first becomes psychic and how they adapt or don t adapt to that And even though it was super obvious who the villain was the second he walked onto the page, up to then, it was an interesting case that connected to Connor s past somehow Of course, if Kevin had just once shaken this man s hand, he would ve figured it out who the perp was way sooner and the book could ve been 50 pages shorter.Which leads me to my first issue I m going to limit myself to my three biggest issues, and from this point on, it s safe to say that spoilers abound.1 The editing, or complete lack thereofThis is just sloppy There are incomplete sentences There are missing words, and not just the inconsequential article or preposition here or there, but important words that denote action or emoti...

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    About 6 mths ago I had a mass clear out on my Kindle and this got deleted There were about 4 books I regretted losing straight away and this was one of them I have since re purchased them all, having just finished rereading this I can honestly say it was worth every penny to get this fabulous story back on my Kindle, where it is now firmly fixed in my Do Not Delete section Duh It was a great read the first time round but even better the second No plot re hashes in this review but I must say that it s one of the best murder romance stories in m m lit that I ve read and honestly I ve read a lot The psychic side is skillfully written major to the story but never overwhelming it , the love between Kevin and Connor is one of the few instances of instalove that works, the murder mystery is well plotted and solid not flimsy like some others in this genre and of course the chemistry and ST between our two guys is so fantastic that the love scenes are no...

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    Despite being a serial killer mystery with some potentially emotional sub plots, IMO this book is of a lighthearted romp The banter between the MCs is one of the best things about it Their interactions with the secondary characters are also often fun The guys relationship progresses fast, and becomes solid fai...

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