[PDF] ✩ The Riot at Christie Pits Author Cyril Levitt – Diclofenac16.us

The Riot at Christie Pits Ethnic Tensions Had Been Rising In Toronto Throughout The Hot Summer Of 1933 Hitler Had Recently Come To Power In Germany And Some Residents Of The Eastern Beaches Neighbourhood Had Formed Swastika Clubs To Protect Their Community From Undesirable Elements On August 16, At Toronto S Christie Pits, A Baseball Game Between Two Local Teams One Made Up Of Jewish Players Ignited The Simmering Resentments Some Troublemakers Unfurled A Huge Swastika Flag, Shouting, Heil Hitler Retaliation From Jewish Spectators And Players Was Swift And Reinforcements For Both Sides Poured Into The Park The Result Never Experienced In Toronto Before Or Since Was A Four Hour Race Riot.The Riot At Christie Pits Remains A Disturbing, Even Legendary Part Of The City S History Authors Cyril Levitt And William Shaffir, Carefully Sifting Fact From Fiction, Provide A Compelling Perspective On How Ordinary Canadians Reacted To The Intensifying Antisemitism In Europe.

[PDF] ✩ The Riot at Christie Pits  Author Cyril Levitt – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Riot at Christie Pits
  • Cyril Levitt
  • 05 October 2019
  • 9781988326085

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    I am reading Adjustment Day by Palahniuk and The Three Body Problem by Liu at the same time All three have some form of unrest and revolution with blood In this case, there is less death here in Toronto but it feels eerie as I live north of the Beaches neighbourhood and recognize a lot of the places More importantly, the insular feeling still exists Maybe it isn t all aimed at Jews now but there is a disquiet in the NIMBYism that exists Also, the attitude that things can t be as bad as the papers are saying fake news or that there is something afoot to disturb the peace It is a decent read that helps us not get too self congratulatory on the racism thing Only the last chapter bothered me and felt as if it needed work The issue was that it didn t tie back to the thesis as well and as strongly as I had wished The authors wor...

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