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D DAY Through German Eyes This New Paperback Edition Contains Book One And Book Two Of This Series, Revealing The Hidden Side Of D Day Which Has Fascinated Readers Around The World Almost All Accounts Of D Day Are Told From The Allied Perspective But What Was It Like To Be A German Soldier In The Bunkers Of The Normandy Coast, Facing The Onslaught Of The Mightiest Invasion In History What Motivated The German Defenders, What Were Their Thought Processes And How Did They Fight From One Strong Point To Another, Among The Dunes And Fields, On That First Cataclysmic Day This Book Sheds Fascinating Light On These Questions, Bringing Together Statements Made By German Survivors After The War, When Time Had Allowed Them To Reflect On Their State Of Mind, Their Actions And Their Choices Of June 6th We See A Perspective Of D Day Which Deserves To Be Added To The Historical Record, In Which Ordinary German Troops Struggled To Make Sense Of What Was Facing Them, And Emerged Stunned At The Weaponry And Sheer Determination Of The Allied Troops Above All, We Now Have The Unheard Human Voices Of The Individual German Soldiers The Men Who Are So Often Portrayed As A Faceless Mass.

Read ✓ D DAY Through German Eyes  By Holger Eckhertz –
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • D DAY Through German Eyes
  • Holger Eckhertz
  • English
  • 13 August 2017
  • 9781539586395

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    Fascinating read from the German perspectiveIn 1944, Dieter Eckhertz a military journalist visited several locations on the Atlantic Wall and interviewed a number of troops Later, after the war, when many Germans preferred to draw a veil over the events of the war, he decided to track down some of the men he had interviewed and encouraged them to discuss their personal memories of the Atlantic Wall and the subsequent invasion on the 6th of June This resulted in a collection of interviews which his grandson, Holger Eckhertz, decided to release for the wider public.In this first part of a two part series, 5 German soldiers were interviewed All 5 soldiers participated in the defense of one of the five invasion beaches We learn from a German machinegunner, who was some miles from the coast defending a set of fortified houses, who was captured by American paratroopers On Omaha beach, we read the account of a German machine gunner, who mowed down the first wave of American soldiers trying to come onto land On Gold beach, a German lookout was the first to spot the invasion armada and on Sword beach a battery officer was defending his artillery battery against an English assault.All stories are chilling, in that they tell the horrific events that all soldiers experienced during the invasion We read how they were on heavy bombardments, set on by angry and fierce Allied ...

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    This is a simple, quick read but very entertaining and so revealing After reading the Longest Day, Ambrose and Beever s D Day books, why not try and read an account from the German perspective D Day Through German Eyes is that book The book is a series of five interviews of Germans that were defending the various D Day beaches Apparently, author Holger Eckhertz s grandfather had interviewed these D Day survivors in the 1950 s and the interviews were never published until now I am reading on line that there is controversy that these accounts may not be authentic If they are authentic then I give the book five stars and if they are fake I give it five stars for outstanding fiction The accounts are gripping and I cannot see how someone can make this stuff up I was taken by how violent the deaths were I grew up on Spaghetti Westerns and the cowboy always died a dramatic death that took several minutes The cowboy was always able to tell his cohorts to look after his children and his wife etc Not so for the Germans manning the defenses at Normandy The accounts include large pieces of shrapnel bouncing around the bunker l...

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    Observation of British Troops Their faces were set rigid, in an expression of absolute hatred Why would men, who were the same race as us, who were physically similar to us, why would they hate us in this way Why would they want to burn us alive, when we were protecting Europe L.T.J WergensGerman Battery Officer, Sword BeachThis was just one of many fascinating quotes from five German soldiers interviewed, just eleven years after D Day I found this book to be eye opening and insightful, and I appreciate the brutal and detailed honesty in their accounts It boggled my mind to learn that the Reich propaganda led the German soldiers to believe that they were defending France from foreign invaders The Germans view of the Americans I found very interesting and was surprised at how correct their perceptions were to how the military is run even today I was however, not surprised by the descriptions of the SS troops, but the observations and witnessed accounts of the SS behavio...

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    A very entertaining insight into a side of WW2 not often given light.Most especially the various aspects of drudgery and boredom that the troops faced in the days immediately before and the invasion.A fa...

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    We saw the British as an outdated Imperial force, organised by freemasons, who sought to turn the clock back one hundred years to the days when their word was the law around the world Why should they be entitled to install their freemason puppet, De Gaulle, in France, to rule as a proxy The Vichy government had three consistent points in its propaganda regarding the threats to the French people these were De Gaulle, freemasonry and communism As for the American state, we perceived that as controlled by the forces of international finance and banking, who wished to abolish national governments and have the world run by banks and corporations.Regarding the Americans, I think that most of us soldiers made a distinction in our minds between the American government, which we believed was a pawn of international finance, and the Americans as individuals After all, we had all seen US films and magazines before the war, we had read about cowboys and heard jazz music, and all this was exciting and very attractive to us But despite all this, we knew that t...

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    The author s grandfather was a German journalist He toured the Nazi fortifications in France well before D Day Years after the war, he interviewed survivors that could be tracked down The attitude of the soldiers varies, but they all share t...

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    Amazing primary source material the interviews would have been greatly enhanced by any historical context maps, photographs, etc., including of the original interviewer and any longer attempt at a critical analysis and assessment of the interviews, especially the Typhoon B weapon, Herr Bergmann s...

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    Essentially a collection of interviews of German troops who served in France and faced the onslaught known as D Day First person accounts were focused on their actions, their feelings and some retrospective thoughts Well worth a read for those who haven t heard the German...

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    I ve always heard and read the Allied perspective of D Day This is the first time I ve read from the German perspective This book is worth the time to read The book puts faces to the German soldier and their accounts of this event Worth the read.

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    It was fascinating to look at this historic event from the perspective of German soldiers.

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