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Crazy (The Gibson Boys, #4) USA Today Bestselling Author Adriana Locke Brings Laughter And Love In This Friends To Lovers, Small Town Romance.Love Is Crazy Peck Ward, The Sweet, Small Town Mechanic, Isn T Sure It S For Everyone Least Of All Him His Life Is Chaotic Enough Without Adding The Pressure Of A Relationship Besides, Unrequited Love Is A Real Thing And He S Kind Of Over It This Works Out Perfectly Until A Certain Someone Throws A Wrench Pun Intended Into His Plans As They Go From Adversaries To Friends To Possibly Something , Things Get Complicated After All, They Know How This Story Ends It S Not With Them Together His Easy Grin Is Enough To Win Her Over Her Unabashed Personality Does Him In But Are They Ready To Accept The Fact That Sometimes You Don T Find Love Where You Re Looking For It Sometimes You Find It In The Most Unexpected, Craziest Places.

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    Peck s book is live now on Available in KU.Grab it now

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    I just finished this book at 7 36 p.m.I got it at 3 00 p.m today.Let that sink in for a momentPeck Ward doesn t do the whole dating thing Ever Never has, never does He has eyes for one girl, and one girl only He promised to watch out for her and love her until the day he died And that s what he does But whenever he tries to hedge the idea of marrying her, she blanches and always keeps what they have alive and hot as a bonfire in the middle of summer So why does a pair of little feet with grass green painted toes confront him while he is under a truck and starts blasting him about how he treated her best friend Because the face attached to that beautiful body makes his heart race and he loves the way she asserts herself so easily without even trying She is fabulous She is a spitfire She is absolutely the woman that has Peck thinking twice about love and moving forward with his life settling down and making a home.Who is she Molly Navie, the adorable fiery barhand that helps Machlan at Crave Or is it someone new I won t tell You ll have to read it for yourself.This book is FABULOUS _ 3

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    Peck Freaking WardThe man, the myth, the legend Holy CRAP this book did not disappoint I devoured this book in one setting because i absolutley couldn t get enough of him Adriana FOR SURE saved the best Gibson boy for last Shewwww It was swoony. It had angst. But most importantly it was funny and had some valueable life lessons

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    Wow Adriana Locke has once again delivered a fun, sexy and swoon worthy story Peck Ward is here and his journey to falling in love is Crazy I enjoyed every moment of his story, fell in love with the banter between Peck and his love interest and was rooting for them every step of the way I laughed, I teared up and importantly, I fell in love with this couple I truly loved being back in Linton and getting to see some familiar faces as well I highly recommend grabbing the entire series and falling in love with Peck and his family 3

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    Crazy is small town romance at its HOTTEST Peck s story is one I ve looked forward to since the day he came onto the scene and he was worth every second of the wait Small town, sexy as hell mechanic with a heart of gold You ll laugh, you ll swoon, you ll fall in love

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    Just went LIVEUS respect to the author who wants to keep the heroine a secret, I m keeping this review super short But I still have lots to say about our hero, Peck Peck gave me all the happy sigh feelings Through this whole series he s been the crazy brother, but he s also been the super sweet one and getting to see that in his own book was amazing The romance and cuteness that came from him and his leading lady was intriguing and it kept a smile on my face the entire time I was reading This book can be read without reading the previous books but I do think that the other Gibson men will intrigue you and make you want to go back and read their stories if you haven t already ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    PECK FINALLY I don t even know how to write a review for this without giving something away, so I m going to have to keep it vague Peck is here Finally Which means I got all of my questions answered Peck looks without leaping when he s in love, and I just adore that about him, especially considering all the things we learn about in this book, like that his abandonment issues hide behind a bright smile and twinkling eyes That s probably the biggest takeaway here We all have issues It s not about finding someone with a clean slate who doesn t have issues It s about finding someone who ll get dirty with you when you need to figure it all out.

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    AVAILABLE NOW 4 NEVER LEAVE CROWNSOh, my man, Peck I have been waiting for Peck s since book one of this standalone series, and the man himself did not disappoint.Peck is just charismatic Kind, compassionate, funny, sexy, he is everything a good romcom, with a tiny bit of feels, should be I could never resist him in the other books, and is IT factor is punched up that much when he is the main protagonist of the story I just couldn t love him enough.I don t want to give much away about the heroine, because of spoilers, but she was really the perfect match for Peck Her conflict was unexpected, and I really liked that Adriana Locke gave us something a bit different with Peck s leading lady The plot was entertaining, sweet, with a touch steam It didn t follow the story line that I anticipated, and I was really okay with that What was lacking a bit for me was the punch The big climax of the story was a bit anti climatic The resolution as a result left a bit to be desired for me Not that it wasn t enjoyable, as it actually fit well with the characters and what their internal motivations were throughout the story I just prefer my stories to have a bit of a punch to them something a bit powerful Adriana Locke and her Gibson Boys continue to be a source of endless entertainment I love this family together and apart Crazy is truly what a small town romance should be.ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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    4 Hawkeye Stars I ve been a Peck, fan since he first came on the scene How he got his nickname adorable He s still my 1 in this serieslove him

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    Oh, Peck.I have loved Peck for so long I have been dying for his story I loved his cheeky charm and devil may care attitude and the way he was such a solid, strong presence in all of the other stories.But, I feel like that s not the Peck I got here And while I appreciate that the Peck we got in this story went a whole lot deeper than anything we ve seen before, I felt like it did so at the expense of some of that charm and devilry I had already fallen so hard for.Things started really strong I adored the meet cute I loved the build up the long fuse that sparked and fizzed with the promise of something really explosive But then it sort of dropped off for me I didn t feel the chemistry the way I really wanted to I didn t get as much of that cheeky adorableness that I expected It just didn t feel like how I expected it to feel and my heart didn t quite wrap itself around this romance the way I wished it would.That said, it s always a good time with the Gibson Boys and Wards I love this crazy family and the small town that surrounds them For me, the teasing and tough love among the boys were an absolute highlight of this story There s no question that Adriana Locke can write the heck out of a loving and lovable family, and that s absolutely where the rewards lay within Crazy In the end, Crazy wasn t my favorite of the series, but it was still a fun, sweet read and you definitely don t want to miss out on a single moment with this amazing family Shelly, 3 Stars Oh, Peck, Peck, Peck I ve been Crazy for your story since the very beginning of this terrific The Gibson Boys series Dying to know who you finally found to love and be loved by And I guess my anticipation for an epic kinda love, a romance for the ages, just was too much Because while I adored the super fun meet cute, the crazy, witty snarky banter, and the hot and sexy times, there was just something missing in this friends to lovers romance The slow burn just kinda petered out mid stream The story picked up with a vengeance toward the end, but I had to push myself to get through a bit of the middle.Don t get me wrong, here Crazy is a fun, smart read for the most part There s a whole lot to really like about it especially the hilarity between Peck and his brother and cousins Those boys know just how to rile each other up And love and protect each other fiercely even if that love and protection is through teasing and torment And while Crazy fell flat for me, it doesn t mean I don t still adore the rest of the Gibson gang, Peck especially It just means that Crazy isn t my favorite of the series, but there s still plenty to like Missy, 3 stars

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