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The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs New York Times Bestselling Author Katherine Howe Returns To The World Of The Physick Book Of Deliverance Dane With A Bewitching Story Of A New England History Professor Who Must Race Against Time To Free Her Family From A CurseConnie Goodwin Is An Expert On America S Fractured Past With Witchcraft A Young, Tenure Track Professor In Boston, She S Earned Career Success By Studying The History Of Magic In Colonial America Especially Women S Home Recipes And Medicines And By Exposing Society S Threats Against Women Fluent In Those Skills But Beyond Her Studies, Connie Harbors A Secret She Is The Direct Descendant Of A Woman Tried As A Witch In Salem, An Ancestor Whose Abilities Were Far Magical Than The Historical Record Shows.When A Hint From Her Mother And Clues From Her Research Lead Connie To The Shocking Realization That Her Partner S Life Is In Danger, She Must Race To Solve The Mystery Behind A Hundreds Years Long Deadly Curse.Flashing Back Through American History To The Lives Of Certain Supernaturally Gifted Women, The Daughters Of Temperance Hobbs Affectingly Reveals Not Only The Special Bond That Unites One Particular Matriarchal Line, But Also Explores The Many Challenges To Women S Survival Across The Decades And The Risks Some Women Are Forced To Take To Protect What They Love Most.

[Ebook] The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs By Katherine Howe – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 338 pages
  • The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs
  • Katherine Howe
  • English
  • 20 April 2017
  • 9781250304865

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    I mean I m biased.

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    The daughters or Temperance Hobbs picks up several years after the book The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane ends Connie and Sam are still together and living in Boston while Connie is a young tenure track professor writing a book Her area of expertise the history of magic in Colonial America, focusing on home medicines and recipes and the threats against women who had these skills Connie is also the descendant of a woman who was tried as a witch in Salem Through her studies and research, Connie learns that Sam s life may be in danger and she undertakes a quest, if you will, to solve her family s deadly curse.The plus for me in this book was the look back in time to the female members of Connie s family Learning about their lives, their fate, and what life was like for them was magical These sections really set the ground work for the novel.I mentioned that this book picks up after the previous book, but this book will also serve as a stand alone novel But, if you have read the first, you may find that it is nice to see where these characters picked up Speaking of characters, I found that I liked Connie in the previous book than in this book I can t quite put my finger on why Another plus for this book is the amount of research the Author did She knows her history She also knows plants and their Latin names Both of which were very nice touches to this book So why three stars BTW 3 stars means I enjoyed the book But for me, there was just something missing in the story I wanted oomph I never felt as if anyone was in danger nor did I feel magic between Connie and Sam not like I felt in The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane For me, I wished there was drama and less of the academic stuff The academic stuff really slowed the book down for me Thank you to Henry Holt and Co and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This was a surprisingly good book, with plenty for scholars, historians, and academics alike I took my time with The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs, savored every page This is not necessarily a story about witchcraft per se, it is a story about a professor who has family ties to those who made a study of weather work, a particular kind of witchcraft Mostly it is a book about esoteric academia, and family ties It is about the things we are willing to do to preserve family lineages, and help those we love There are precious friendships discussed, mother daughter relationships delved into, and the work that women do both for their families and in the workforce that are present front and center.This was a very bright and wise read It was not meant to be gobbled up in a single sitting, but contemplated, mulled over, really considered Four bright stars

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    4 Stars Review to follow This one was so good almost the perfect witchy read.

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    Katherine Howe writes the exact type of book I like to read It s a bit historical with elements of romance, mystery, and the supernatural all rolled into one beautiful, witchy story As a fan of the Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, I was excited to jump back into the world of Connie Goodwin I love that Howe wrote this is as a self contained novel instead of an outright sequel to the first book She does a good job of summarizing events here and there so new readers won t be lost but also answers some of the burning questions that were left to mystery in the first novel.Even though this story has action, history, and magic, at its core this is a story about family and relationships I love the strong female friendships presented in this book, as well as the generational history of Connie s family The final act is beautifully executed and I learned quite a few things from history that I didn t know before The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane is still my favorite book from Katherine Howe, but this one didn t disappoint.

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    Rating 3.0 Witchy StarsThis is the second installment of Katherine Howe s Physick Book series The first book in the series is The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane which is on my reading list, but I have not actually read it yet After finishing her new book, The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs, I m here to let you know that you don t have to read the first book in order to follow along with the new plot and storyline in this book Reading the first book probably adds some color and background, and I understand that the second book answers some mysteries that had been left hanging in the first book Connie Goodwin is an only daughter of a hippie Mom who also was an only daughter Connie is a full fledged career academic She is a college professor in Boston She seems interested in furthering her career and finishing her book, than paying much attention to her long suffering partner, Sam Then Connie s mother warns her that Sam may not be long for this world if he continues to stay with Connie It seems that the husbands of her ancestors mysteriously die after the women have the next daughter in the line From there the hunt is on to find a magic spell that will free Sam from his fate, without letting on to Sam that he is in danger This was an unexpected mix of a deep dive into the inner workings of post graduate academia and mystical legends and spells The story is told in multiple timelines Connie narrates most of this, but there are often flashbacks to the prior generations of descendants of Deliverance Dane I rated this book a 3 solid stars I am not sure if I could have used less of the academic angst, or less of the witchcraft stuff, but something just felt out of balance to me In addition, Sam seemed like such a nice guy I often got frustrated with how he was on Connie s priority list The book was entertaining and educational I now know about doctoral panels than I probably ever needed to know I m still intrigued enough in the backstory that I ll probably go back and read the first book in the series to see how it all started Thank You to NetGalley the publisher, Henry Holt Company and the author, Katherine Howe, for providing a free e ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I was very excited to see there was a new book by Katherine Howe featuring Constance Goodwin once again The second book in the series is set in the year 2000 and Connie is now an assistant professor at Northeastern University She is super busy working towards tenure while writing a book, grading papers and mentoring grad students She is under so much stress and it doesn t help that her personal life is in a bit of disarray Her mother Grace keeps warning her to end her affair with Sam if she really loves him the men who love the women in her family usually die young Did her ancestor Temperance Hobbs discover a way to avoid this curse Can Connie attempt to use the same folk magic if she can figure it out or is it much too dangerous I d have to say I enjoyed the second half of the book much than the first as Connie works out what she must do to save Sam s life Some of the action scenes are extremely well depicted I also enjoyed the flashbacks to the stories of her ancestors from England onward Temperance Hobbs herself is especially interesting An historical tidbit the author shares is that shortly after the Salem witch trials, the crime of witchcraft ceased to be prosecuted Instead, laws focused on the pretense of witchcraft and the crime of conning the gullible by selling charms and such And there actually WAS a year with no summer in 1816 which affected how America came to be settled I received an arc of this new book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Many thanks for the opportunity

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    earc thanks to NetGalley for a fair review Just a girl looking at a cauldron asking it for a life saving polyjuice potion This wasn t what I was expecting I have not read the source material, so I found myself a little confused and missing all of the magic readers seem to connect with this world Overall, I d vote Lovely magical interludes of ancestral past would ve loved of this A race to the potion finish Very well researched To the point of feeling like a scholarly work dragging on the plot lines Annoying characters all around The story picks up 10 years later when we re all adults adulting in that boringly adult way Work no matter how you spin the spell is never magical This is most assuredly a companion novel to the Physick Book of Deliverance Dane not a standalone Either I missed it or I m not sure how the interludes tied into the main storyline In summary, if you devoured Deliverance Dane, you ll enjoy but maybe not devour this If you haven t read DD, I d start there

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    The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs is a sequel ten years in the making, following the author s 2009 debut novel The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, and the story itself picks up 10 years later too Former graduate student Connie Goodwin is now a history professor at Northeastern University, under consideration for tenure and living happily with her boyfriend Sam Hartley, whom she met during the events of the first book.Sam s feelings are hurt by Connie s continuing refusal to discuss marriage What he doesn t know is that Connie is descended from a line of witches going all the way back to 17th century Salem, and that the male partners of the women in the family all seem to die young, in tragic circumstances As their relationship becomes complicated in new ways, Connie is determined to find out the truth about the curse, and discovers a startling secret there is actually one woman in the family s history who managed to break the curse for her own husband.Armed with this knowledge, Connie races against time to crack the mystery of the weather work , the elusive and seemingly highly dangerous spell that once upon a time saved her ancestor s mate Connie applies her scholarly skills as she unearths manuscripts and deciphers centuries old clues, this time enlisting friends, colleagues, and her own mother in a desperate attempt to get it all right.The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs is a great second chapter in Connie s world It s quite fun to see her 10 years after the original book, now established and respected as a professor, mentoring up and coming grad students of her own And it s wonderful to see the enduring love between her and Sam, who is a lovely, kind, and sexy man The interludes in which we see episodes from Connie s family s past are really engaging in their own way as well, although it s definitely sad to see the persecution of these women who were considered different from the norm.I enjoyed the characters, the plot, the research, and the historical elements, and the magical aspects are presented in a matter of fact way that still manages to have an eerie, otherworldly feel.I suppose you could read The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs as a stand alone, but you d be missing out on big chunks of Connie s personal history as well as all that family history I d strongly recommend starting with The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, and continuing on from there Well worth it Spoilers ahoy view spoiler It felt like Connie managed to put together the spell pretty easily in the end How did she get all the quantities right Seemed like a lot of guesswork And is the book saying that Connie caused climate change Yikes, that s a pretty heavy outcome Also, Temperance s weather work only saved her own husband it didn t carry down through the generations So when Connie breaks the curse for Sam, is she aware that her own children will have to do it all over again Will she save the spell for them Maybe teach them how to do it when the time comes And wait, what does this mean for the world s weather patterns I did love the twins names And I love that they got their own familiars, even though I m still in morning for Arlo hide spoiler

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