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The FuriesThis Page Turning, Harrowing Debut Is The Story Of A Girl Trying To Fit In, Whose Obsessive New Friends And Desperation To Belong Leads Her To Places She D Never Imagineddark, Dangerous, And Possibly Even Violent In 1998, A Sixteen Year Old Girl Is Found Dead.She S Posed On A Swing On Her Boarding School S Property, Dressed All In White, With No Known Cause Of Death Whispers And Rumors Swirl, With No Answers But There Are A Few Who Know What Happened There Is One Girl Who Will Never Forget.One Year Earlier A New Student, Violet, Steps On The Campus Of Elm Hollow Academy, An All Girl S Boarding School On The Outskirts Of A Sleepy Coastal Town This Is Her Fresh Start, Her Chance To Begin Again In The Wake Of Tragedy, Leave Her Demons Behind Bright But A Little Strange, Uncertain And Desperate To Fit In, She Soon Finds Herself Invited To An Advanced Study Group, Led By Her Alluring And Mysterious Art Teacher, Annabel.There, With Three Other Girls Alex, Grace, And Robin The Five Of Them Delve Into The School S Long Buried Grim History Of Greek And Celtic Legends Of The School Founder S Academic Interest In The Occult Of Gruesome 17th Century Witch Trials Annabel Does Her Best To Convince The Girls That Her Classes Aren T Related To Ancient Rites And Rituals, And That They Are Just History And Mythology But The She Tries To Warn The Girls Off The Topic, The They Drawn To It, And The Possibility That They Can Harness Magic For Themselves.Violet Quickly Finds Herself Wrapped Up In This Heady New World Of Lawless Power Except She Is Needled By The Disappearance Of A Former Member Of The Group, One With Whom Violet Shares An Uncanny Resemblance As Her Friends Actions Take A Turn For The Darker And Spiral Out Of Control, She Begins To Wonder Who She Can Trust, All The While Becoming Deeply Entangled How Far Will These Young Girls Go To Protect One Anotheror To Destroy One Another

!!> PDF / Epub ☂ The Furies ✎ Author Katie Lowe – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The Furies
  • Katie Lowe
  • English
  • 22 May 2018
  • 9781250297891

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    The Secret History via Megan Abbott for a YA audience, The Furies is about teengirl rage and the revenge it engenders a story of the brutal power of female friendship, of those secrets women share between themselves, in those moments men are too blind to see female rage novels are, if you will permit me, all the rage right now, and, being a fan of girls gone wild stories, i could not be happier this one is dark and damaged and gritty and sharp, and it s what i had hoped the other book i read with the same title would be incidentally, i have also read two books called fury one and two , so you can see i have a type violet is a sixteen year old girl from a shabby seaside town who has miraculously survived a car accident that killed her father and her younger sister although she grew up far from wealthy, with the insurance money from the accident, violet is able to attend an elite girls school nearby, and reluctantly takes the opportunity to start over where no one knows anything about her.her mother has been reduced to a shadow in her grief, leaving violet completely unmoored, and she soon finds herself unexpectedly absorbed into a tight knit foursome, whose previous fourth member mysteriously vanished several months earlier, a girl who, eerily enough, very strongly resembled violet it starts off predictably enough for this kind of dark coming of age story demonstrating the transformative power of adolescent female friendships as violet alters herself to the tone of the group under the particular influence of robin, the missing girl s former bestie, she starts smoking, drinking, taking pills, and going to college parties with college boys robin even renames her, calling her vivi, which violet takes as a sign of an especial favor she strives to live up to I stumbled along beside her, speechless and blind, as she chattered on about classes, homework she refused to do on principle, she said, not explaining what, exactly, the principle was and girls she hated, their crimes seeming to me like instructions, things I would no longer say or do.and then it goes into The Secret History territory, when violet is invited to attend the exclusive lessons the clique have been studying, held in the clock tower under the guidance of annabel, their charismatic art teacher, where they learn about the school s less publicized history of secret societies led by powerful women with occult leanings, some of whom were burned as witches lessons of sisterhood and empowerment, examining the latent fear of women permeating classical literature and art unsupervised, private female friendships Oh no Women, alone together, without the supervision of men, almost always caused disaster in their households, and the wider community, these freedoms resulting in madness, anger, sexual desire, or jealousy resulting in death Women are not to be left alone, together, or tragedy will surely follow and then things start to get dangerous it s an excellent debut and a strong contribution to the recent batch of rage lit Sadie, The Female of the Species, Ninth House, etc the prose is occasionally a little overdressed, but there are moments of such anthemic potency, it is easily forgiven.I suppose there are moments, best or at least most commonly experienced in the heady years of adolescence, when a girl decides who or what she is going to be Girls who chase boys, who twirl their hair and walk through clouds of chain store perfume, learning their allure Girls who like books, who revel in their solitude, and lonely girls who don t girls who eat, and girls who don t Girls with piercings, tattoos, scars Angry girls, who bare their teeth and scratch at their arms Unironic boy band pink clad girls, who scream and wail and live in every breath Girls who read Vogue and spend their Saturdays with jealous hands on clothes their allowances won t afford Girls who long to be mothers, and their own mothers who long for their youth Art girls Science girls Girls who ll make it out alive Girls who won t.And then, there are the invisible girls the ones nobody thinks to be afraid of The girls who hide in plain sight, flirting and giggling girls for whom sugar and spice is a mask Girls who spark matches and spill battery acid on skin Girls for whom the rules do not apply.go on, girls go wild Congratulations karen You are a Giveaways Winner my very first GR win of 2019 i am so excited thank you, gods of the GR giveaways come to my blog

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    The Secret History meets Girls on Fire meets The Graces It seems that women are doomed to two fates It is our lot to either be seen as unpredictable and irrational mortals, maligned and repressed by the actions of men or sacred beings, goddesses of higher realm, among the Fates and Furies The Furies is yet another YA novel that focuses on the potential toxicity of female friendships Quite honestly, those are all my buzzwords and I will devour anything on the topic, no matter how many seemingly similar novels appear on the shelves This book, however, also had something far sinister to offer the reader, that appeared in the prologue and framed the narrative with its horrifying imagery And right from this initial scene of terror I was hooked Asides from the interplay involved in teen girl friendships, academic settings are another of my bookish buzzwords An elite school is erected for these fictional creations that could draw its source from many real world alternatives The abundance and the pretension lured me into this world and when this veneer became scratched Lowe exposed the sinister history it tremulously resided upon The historic abuse of women and the rumoured witchcraft of those females deemed unsavoury is not a new discovery, and yet what Lowe does with this most certainly is She brings home the image of the witch and lets it rest and grow, unknown and yet right in the heart of the patriarchal regime that once condemned it to the outskirts.This is a novel ripe with sensual and sexual undertones that tainted every scene with an atmospheric foreboding that disallowed any facet to be taken at face value The suspense mounts incrementally and ensures the reader is hooked to every word, as myth and history begin to collide with reality Nothing can be trusted All will be revealed And in the wake of this discovery the reader will be left reeling.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, Thank you to th author, Katie Lowe, and the publisher, Harper Collins, for this opportunity.

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    4.5 In a run down seaside town somewhere in England lives Violet, an unhappy and isolated 16 year old She is the only survivor of a car crash that killed her father and little sister in the aftermath, her mother withdraws into a numb state of grief, barely able to function Violet s only desire is to escape But a huge insurance settlement opens a different kind of door Violet is to study for her A Levels at a private girls school, Elm Hollow Academy There, she meets the girls who will become her clique There s aloof Alex, quiet Grace, and the grungily glamorous scholarship girl, Robin, who introduces Violet to cigarettes, drugs, older boys and witchcraft For Elm Hollow has a dark past, from the burning of an accused witch on the premises in the 17th century, to the disappearance of student Emily Frost Robin s best friend the previous year Though Violet is warned away from them by others, her status as one of the clique is secured when she s invited to be part of an exclusive study group by Annabel, a charismatic art teacher On the surface, it might seem like there s nothing particularly new here Indeed, as I ve mentioned before, I feel the world has than enough girls behaving badly stories Yet something about this snared me immediately Part of its genius is the unlovely setting Another part is leading with that the first three paragraphs of the first chapter are devoted to sketching a bleak portrait of the crumbling, neglected town, the kind of place people came to die , complete with grey beaches, shabby arcades and pavilions caked in bird shit and graffiti We immediately understand that, even for the relatively privileged students of Elm Hollow, there is precious little glamour to be found in such a place.Violet narrates from an adult perspective, trying to pick apart her memories of this formative year As teenagers, the girls are convinced they have summoned mighty spirits of vengeance the Greek Furies This perceived power leads them to devise ever cruel methods of punishment for their enemies Two decades later, Violet can scarcely understand what was and wasn t real Her adult perspective is crucial, especially in the second half of the book, when events spiral so far out of control they barely seem credible Is our narrator remembering correctly, or simply reinforcing the wild imaginings of a traumatised 16 year old The Furies isn t subtle The prose can get a little too purple some of the metaphors and similes could do with being cut But honestly, I kind of loved how overblown it all was At one point, Violet uses the phrase gorgeous, blooming immensity , which is a perfect way to describe the story itself The way everything starts coming apart at the end there s a sex scene late in the book that s completely disgusting, viscerally horrible, and it seems to make plain an undercurrent of decay that has been growing stronger since the beginning.This novel is alive with the vigour and liberty of adolescence It s also streaked with the grime and nastiness of the very same thing Terror, obsession, feigned nonchalance, narcissism, the first pangs of nostalgia heady ingredients combined into something addictive, awful and wonderful, a riveting story set in a fictional world that both repulsed and entranced me I loved it I loved getting lost in it.You might like The Furies if you enjoyed The Poison Tree by Erin Kelly the film The Craft The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein The Secret Place by Tana French Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.I received an advance review copy of The Furies from the publisher through NetGalley.TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    This one was a bit half and half for me There were things I enjoyed and things I did not but I still became totally engrossed in reading it especially when events speeded up in the later chapters.I found the main characters to be a mixed bunch Violet desperately needed to learn the word no and Robin was just awful Grace and Alex appeared to be mature but they also had hidden depths Much of the book was about girls being mean to girls which was a bit obvious and unpleasant I also thought the sex scenes were forced into the action and did not need to be there at all.On the other hand the story itself was great It was tense, it was spooky and frequently very blood thirsty Once we started to get down to who the murderer really was it became edge of the seat stuff and then we discovered what the prologue was all about Very clever The author leaves the ending open for readers to draw their own conclusions was it magic or was it murder I do not usually like open ended books but in this case I had a very definite opinion of my own and was comfortable with it My thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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    Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest A high school mystery full of suspense A murder, a questionable friendship and witchcraft The Furies is a modern take of all witchcraft legends and curses When a teenage girl is found dead, sitting on a swing, with no clues of how the death occurred, we are set up to trust no one from the very beginning The story begins with Violet, who start the story from the very beginning, until finally leading us to how and why this murder happened She comes to the new school and she becomes friends with an elite group of girls and a secret advanced study group, that focuses on witchcraft and influential witches connected to the school.From the fist to the last chapter, you can feel the suspense The story is unique and it certainly kept me on my toes I had trouble with who the narrator is, and in each chapter it s Violet, but because it was written in first person and her tone changed, I kept looking for clues as to whether the narrator has changed or not The names are also not mentioned often, which added a bit of agitation at times.I loved every part of the book that included witchcraft There were awful lot of scenes about this, so trust me, I was than satisfied From witchcraft history, to a secret society, to performing rituals, The Furies will teleport you in that world.I liked how the friendships were developed, but I didn t cheer for them I could perfectly understand how all girls felt and why they all made certain choices, and that is due to the excellent writing skills Katie has I felt different emotions for them all, loved them, hated them and pitied them.I couldn t help but be annoyed with Violet, for never saying no, for settling, for being so naive and so needy to be accepted I couldn t help but be angry at her for knowing things and choosing to do nothing about it I felt so angry at the girls, for all the drama caused and for discouraging people around them I can t help but feel conflicted with Violet though, because despite everything, she belonged in that group, and with those friends As wrong as it may sound, she did fit But with time, she did change and she did find her true self And her development was the gem that made me really fall in love with this book.And then it struck me I wasn t mad at Violet I was mad at all of us that have been in such position and chose the wrong things I felt upset at all of us, who have changed themselves to fit in a group and forgot who they really are To all of us, who were too afraid to say no to the popular girls in high school.I highly recommend it to all girls in high school, to all mums and to everyone that loves witchcraft and mystery You will definitely love this book Thank you to Katie Lowe, and the publisher, HarperCollins, for sending me a free hardcover copy in exchange for my honest review.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

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    As an exploration of girls gone bad, this does a decent job, but it feels like an echo It s been done before and better Definitely The Craft than The Secret History, the book struggled to hit the depth of character or theme necessary for it to be truly absorbing The characters were light Violet s voice held little attraction, overwhelmed by the darker threads of her new best friend, Robin, and the others are straight out of every teen drama you ve ever seen read The problem is that it s just not that engaging, nothing explored to the necessary extent to give it real feeling, with actions lacking genuine motivations, consequences, or validity.It nevertheless had some wonderfully pointed discussions about the danger of female power as told through mythic, literary, and artistic representation As a huge fan of women in Greek tragedy, these parts spoke to me Honestly, the secret society part was thrilling if I had the opportunity to join, I wouldn t have been mucking around with witchcraft and murder, I would have been too busy reading These moments are layered through the narrative, seemingly to explain or even incite the action, a whole history of female revenge with this as only the latest incarnation It s not entirely convincing but my interest in the subject made me love these flashes regardless There s so much potential in the writing here that I wanted to see , and will read the author s next offering when it comes, but this just didn t hit the spot.ARC via Netgalley

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    The Furies, a young adult book, was a solid 3 stars The book centers around main character Violet a teenager who attends Elm Hollow Academy a private school for girls that was the site for the 17th century witch trials soon after the death of her father and sister While at the academy, Violet joins a study group with three other girls under the tutelage of Ms Annabel things definitely take off from there.The Furies is a well written and unique book that involves murder, magic, toxic friendships, and rituals among other things Recommend to fans of young adult darker theme books Thank you NetGalley for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    There are lots of novel with similar themes to this An elite school, strange cliques of girls, and, as we know from the beginning, a death It has been done before, but I have a weakness for novels about schools, female friendships and so those words do pull me in, however hard I try to resist.It feels to Violet as though her life is put on hold after the death of her father, and sister, in an accident Her mother seems unable to move beyond her grief and, taking advantage of her disinterest, she opts out of school Take your time, everyone says, until, finally, her mother suggests that she use the money they received after the accident to attend Elm Hollow Academy a prestigious, artistic school.Without really realising it, Violet is lonely and is soon attracted by the unconventional, carefree and confident Robin She can hardly believe it when she is included in the small group Robin, Grace and Alex, and as there so often is in these novels teacher, Annabel There are warnings word of a girl, previously included in Robin s group, who mysteriously disappeared, but Violet doesn t take it too seriously.This novel has interesting characters, a slightly creepy premise, and is well written Yes, there are other books that cover similar ground, but if you do like crime novels with intense female friendships especially those set in a school then you will enjoy this I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, for review.

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    I LOVED this Without doubt the best book I ve read featuring toxic female friendship since Girls on Fire The Furies is haunting, evocative and sits in your head, that underlying sense of menace and anticipation resonates throughout.Violet desperately wants friendship, even as she tells herself she doesn t need it, so when she is befriended by the enigmatic and edgy Robin and drawn into a circle of secrets and lies, she will do anything to protect it Darkness and obsession, fatal ties and dangerous magic make for an utter page turner of a literary novel, with some beautiful writing and intelligent layered nuance.The Furies is both observational and insightful, as Violet tells the tale of this fascinating group, of both love and hate, random happiness and sudden horror Katie Lowe uses cutting edge prose to draw the reader into Violet s world then doesn t allow you to look away, it is utterly gripping from the vivid opening to the melancholy finish.Absolutely excellent.Highly Recommended.

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    Typical YA novel, with a paranormal witchcraft undertones, The Furies will entertain those who enjoy Pretty Little Liars and Charmed Katie Lowe s debut novel will have a strong following, but I didn t enjoy the story as much as I wanted to The Furies centers around Violet, a teenage girl sent to prestigious Elm Hollow Academy, and her interactions with her classmates She immediately befriends a group of girls and her art teacher Annabel As Violet s involvement with this new group of women grows, so does their devious teachings The school is rud to be on a burial ground for sorcery, and maybe, just maybe, Violet will get to see a glimpse of magic herself She s had a near death experience in the past, so a little bit of magic won t unsettle her or will it I feel like the synopsis provides too much information for the reader, so honestly go in blind The Furies was a little too YA for me to enjoy, and I honestly should just stay away from the genre at this point, but I do think that there s a strong base of readers who will enjoy this book I wish the story was a little darker, and the dialogue was a little stronger between the characters, but overall the story s pacing was great As you dive into Violet s adventures at Elm Hollow Academy, the darkness behind the school s peers grows and grows There are multiple story arcs throughout the novel murder, deception, sex to name a few , and by the end of the book, you won t know who to actually root for The way that The Furies wrapped up the narrative was awesome, and it s left for the reader to decide what will happen next I can totally see this book be optioned for a television show on The CW.

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