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Agent Running in the FieldA New Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author John Le Carr Set In London In , Agent Running In The Field Follows A Twenty Six Year Old Solitary Figure Who, In A Desperate Attempt To Resist The Political Turbulence Swirling Around Him, Makes Connections That Will Take Him Down A Dangerous Path In His Plot And Characterization Le Carr Is As Thrilling As Ever And In The Way He Writes About Our Times He Proves Himself, Once Again, To Be The Greatest Chronicler Of Our Age

➵ Agent Running in the Field Read ➼ Author John le Carré – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 282 pages
  • Agent Running in the Field
  • John le Carré
  • English
  • 25 June 2017
  • 9781984878878

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    Maestro of written word Ingredients of this spy novel are all current goings on It s hard to be objective for someone who has been his Serbian editor for years Pure spy novel pleasure mixed with lingustic pleasure

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    At the age of eighty eight, there is no doubt that the John Le Carre that I revere is fully present The narrative voice employed in this novel is fantastic, as we follow a middle aged spy who has come in from abroad and is stationed in a dead end job in London think a serious version of Mick Herron s Slough House And interesting questions are raised about what loyalty to country means in the age of Brexit and Trump But Le Carre does not hit a home run with every book the story told here just isn t up to his best, and the very sudden ending leaves too much open for my taste If you re a Le Carre fan you should definitely read this there s still lots to like But if you haven t read much of his work, there are far better places to start.

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    With everything that s going on in our world today, it s hard to imagine anyone being able to put together a great spy story that takes it all in But, of course, John Le Carr is up to the task He gives us a mid life agent who thinks he s semi retired, except he s not Instead he has to take on the task of running a slightly off kilter enclave in London that s about to get itself into very hot water Nat and his wife Prue, plus energetic devotee Florence, are about to follow the angry Ed down a rabbit hole Will they find a way out before it s too late This is tension at its best Enjoy I met this book at Auntie s Bookstore in Spokane, WA

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    A new novel from John LeCarre This fall is shaping up to be a great reading period The book pubs October 22, 2019.

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    Nat is an aging spy with three passions, the work he loves, his family, and badminton His wife, Prue, a respected attorney, has stood by him through all his faraway postings, staying home raising their daughter and building a solid career Now back in London, at 47 Nat is afraid he will be put out to pasture He thrives in the field, has let his work take him away from his family for years as he concentrated on Russia It was dangerous work that he thought relative to Britain s national security Work he was good at, but 47 is getting long in the tooth for running field agents and dodging the other side He goes in for what he fears will be his dismissal, or relegation to a boring desk job, only to find he is being offered a substation, Haven, to run Admittedly it is not a highly regarded substation, rather the opposite, but at least he is still in the game He has one sharp agent, Florence, who has found an in to the dealings of a Ukrainian oligarch Nat and Florence put together a proposal that could turn into a major operation if the higher ups give the green light Nat works off the tension playing competitive badminton with a young opponent, Ed The younger man is good, but Nat has been the club champion for ages, he still has the moves After their games they repair to the club bar where Ed fumes about his frustrating job, the idiocy of Trump, and Brexit Harmless blowing off of steam Nat thinks But things are about to go haywire Le Carre infuses this tale of an aging spy involved in way than he anticipated with humor and a good dose of anger at our current political situation.

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    I m torn about this latest from the best espionage writer ever On the one hand, there s considerable pleasure in reading the complex mystery Le Carre has created He s nailed it, once again, on the details of espionage, counterintelligence, counterespionage, internal politics, and so on On the other, the subplot of how awful Donald Trump and Brexit are and that this is a reason to commit treason left me cold Yes, it s a legitimate and no doubt real reason for some but it made this less escapist pleasure and , well, like a political novel with an odd ending Nat, a long time BSIS officer has been called back to London where he s cast out into a small station dealing with small issues, or so it appears He spends time at his badminton club with Ed, who appeared one day and challenged him His daughter is annoyed with him until she s not , his wife is busy with her law practice, and he s a little bored until he begins handling a Russian illegal His favorite employee quits in an unexplained huff And then the illegal is told he s to begin setting up for a big meeting in London As always, there are twists aplenty, including one that came as quite a surprise but leaves an unanswered question of how wait no spoilers Florence, so key to the story, is not really fleshed out beyond a fondness for red wine As noted, the ending did not seem consistent to me Thanks to edelweiss for the ARC Le Carre fans will debate this one It s not his best but it s still pretty darn good.

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    The Economist The enemy within John le Carr s 25th novel is blisteringly contemporary makes me want to read this, but should I start with an earlier book

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    More like 3.5 stars

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    John le Carr was consumed with apoplectic rage against America after 9 11 and didn t recover sufficiently to write another decent novel until 2017 s A Legacy of Spies I wondered in 2017 whether he would have another rage stroke over Brexit and Trump He did, and his writing has again gone into the toilet He is 88 now and won t survive another 16 year convalescence.It takes very few pages to see the signs, and they are not subtle Some of the diatribe, in order of appearance begin le Carr diatribe quotations no spoilers, notwithstanding the spoiler tag view spoiler Patriotism is a curse on mankind, second only to religion the country s in free fall A minority Tory cabinet of tenth raters A pig ignorant foreign secretary Boris Johnson Labor no better The sheer bloody lunacy of Brexit Britain s departure from the European Union in the time of Donald Trump, and Britain s consequent unqualified dependence on the United States in an era when the US is heading straight down the road to institutional racism and neo fascism, is an unmitigated clusterfuck bar none the dominance of white supremacists in Trump s America Brexit is indeed an unmitigated clusterfuck Trump is a threat and incitement to the entire civilized world, plus he is presiding over the systematic no holds barred Nazification of the United States Trump s associates are tunnel vision fanatics and fundamentalist Christians who think Jesus invented greed Brexit is self immolation The British public is being marched over a cliff by a bunch of rich, elitist carpetbaggers posing as men of the people Trump is Antichrist disturbing parallels between the rise of Europe s dictators and the rise of Donald Trump there was no dividing line between Trump fanatics and Brexit fanatics Both were racist and xenophobic Trump s cabinet are taking the bloody Fuhrer s oath Putin s Russian oligarchs have made a million pound contribution to an arms length fighting fund for Leavers Either Europe s fucked or somebody with balls has to find an antidote to Trump Boris Johnson is a fucking Etonian narcissistic elitist without a decent conviction in his body bar his own advancement Trump is Putin s shithouse cleaner He does everything for little Vladi that little Vladi can t do for himself pisses on European unity, pisses on human rights, pisses on NATO Assures us that Crimea and Ukraine belong to the Holy Roman Empire, the Middle East belongs to the Jews and the Saudis, and to hell with the world order And you Brits, what do you do You suck his dick and invite him to tea with the Queen Britain is rolling out the red carpet to an American President who has come to sneer at our hard won ties with Europe and humble the Prime Minister who invited him Trump declared Europe to be his enemy and for good measure trashed NATO it was a crying shame that all American assassins seem to come from the far right High time the left got itself a shooter apparently, to le Carr , Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan the two attempts on Ford, the one on Reagan and the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot up a Republican Congressional baseball practice don t count I agreed that the world would be a damned sight better off if Trump wasn t in it hide spoiler

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    John le Carr is widely f ted as one of the greatest writers of spy fiction Well, that is undeniable, and I wouldn t question that judgement for a moment I feel it does, however, rather miss the point John le Carr is simply one of the finest living writers, regardless of genre No one that I have read has come close to matching either his dissection of the tortured byways of the human psyche, or his majestic, wholly unique mastery of English prose.He is remarkable, too, for his literary longevity It is nearly sixty years since his first novel, Call for the Dead, which introduced his most famous character, George Smiley, while shortly after this latest book came out he celebrated his eighty eighth birthday But age does not weary him, and nor do the passing years seem to condemn While this novel might not quite match up to the brightest jewels in his sizeable crown, such as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy or A Perfect Spy much of which struck a close resonance to events in his own upbringing , that still leaves than ample scope for it to be a very good book, which it is.Nat, a middle aged member of MI6 has been brought back home to London after a series of postings abroad Concerned that he might be put out to grass, he is relieved to find himself assigned to run a minor outpost of the Russia Division, located in Camden Town One of his great passions in life has been the game of badminton, and he is currently the undisputed champion at his local club in Battersea As the novel opens, Nat is enjoying a post match drink with his latest opponent when he is approached aby a rather gauche young man who wants to challenge him This proved to be Ed Shannon, and as the novel proceeds, and their badminton rivalry grows, Nat discovers that he is a bit of a lost soul, but one who is riven by concerns over the state of the world, and in particular the plight of Britain as Brexit draws closer He is also deeply opposed to the policies of President Trump, and scared by the rise of the populist right around the western world Seldom able to control his passion on these subjects, Ed delivers two or three simultaneously vitriolic and eloquent rants Nat is naturally reserved, but clearly does not disagree too strongly I suspect that le Carr also probably feels he couldn t have put things better himself Meanwhile Nat is working hard, supporting Florence, an ambitious and accomplished protegee, who has devised an operation aimed against a flamboyant Russian oligarch who lives in London While this is nearing fruition, one of his old double agents, on standby for a couple of years, suddenly comes back onstream, raising fears of an extensive Russian network at work in London As always, le Carr manages the various plot threads dextrously, weaving strands in and out, beguiling the reader with his customary ease By le Carr s standards, this is a fairly short novel, weighing in at 280 pages, but it packs a solid punch, and shows that he is as capable as ever I hope that this is merely le Carr s latest novel, and not his last.

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