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The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek It S In Bleak Creek, North Carolina, A Sleepy Little Place With All The Trappings Of An Ordinary Southern Town Two Baptist Churches, Friendly Smiles Coupled With Silent Judgments, And A Seemingly Unquenchable Appetite For Pork Products Beneath The Town S Cheerful Fa Ade, However, Bleak Creek Teens Live In Constant Fear Of Being Sent To The Whitewood School, A Local Reformatory With A Record Of Putting Unruly Teens Back On The Straight And Narrow A Record So Impeccable That Almost Everyone Is Willing To Ignore The Mysterious Deaths That Have Occurred There Over The Past DecadeAt First, High School Freshmen Rex McClendon And Leif Nelson Believe What They Ve Been Told That The Students Strange Demises Were All Tragic Accidents But When The Shoot For Their Low Budget Horror Masterpiece, PolterDog, Goes Horribly Awry And Their Best Friend, Candice Boykins, Is Sent To Whitewood As Punishment Rex And Leif Are Forced To Question Everything They Know About Their Unassuming Hometown And Its Cherished School For Delinquents Eager To Rescue Their Friend, Rex And Leif Pair Up With Recent NYU Film School Grad Janine Blitstein To Begin Piecing Together The Unsettling Truth Of The School And Its Mysterious Founder, Wayne Whitewood What They Find, With Candice S Life Hanging In The Balance, Will Leave Them Battling An Evil Beyond Their Wildest Teenage Imaginations One That Will Shake Bleak Creek To Its Core

[Ebook] ↠ The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek  Author Rhett McLaughlin – Diclofenac16.us
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek
  • Rhett McLaughlin
  • English
  • 03 July 2017
  • 9781984822130

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    HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY I m not used to people thinking I m a bad kid It s kind of exhilarating I feel like I m being judged And punished with tomatoes Rex McClendon and Leif Nelson are best friends along with Alicia Boykins in their small town of Bleak Creek.The three of them literally do everything together and their latest project PolterDog is sure to be a hit at the local film festival However, while filming a vital scene, a series of unfortunate events involving but not limited to a bacon belt, a crazed Tucker, an organ fundraiser, two baptist preachers duking it out and a pig roast results in Alicia taking the fall for all of them They re taking her to the Whitewood School, Leif said. Whitewood, the local reform school, is praised by any and all adults living in Bleak CreekNo one exactly knows what goes on in the school but there are rumors dark rumors floating about the school People go in one way and come out completely different.Rex and Leif need to get their friend out, but how No one believes them and even if they did, no one is going to go against such a fine, upstanding community school.No one s escaped unscathed, but Alicia is determined to be the first She was no Princess Peach, trapped in a castle hoping that two plumbers were coming to save her She will not let this place break her She will not fall She will not For the first time since arriving at the Whitewood School, it hit her She could die here.I have a confession The ARC advanced readers copy arrived in the mailand I finished it same day I couldn t help myself It was that good.I had so many expectations going into this book and every last one of them was exceeded I feel like making that cross media leap can be difficult for most if not all celebrities but Rhett and Link write as if they have been authors all their lives.I was extremely impressed by the humor, the plot, the characters essentially everything in this book and was wholly entertained from cover to cover.First and foremost, I absolutely adored the humor Humor is arguably one of the better known qualities from Rhett and Link s YouTube careers and it absolutely shines in this book There were so many little details that wove in and out of the book, playing upon each other and returning again and again for further hilarity I don t want to give too much away, but one thing that I loved was the rivalry between the local churches The entire book could have been about that and I would say that there wasn t enough church on church competition the red brick First Baptist Church with its towering steeple, less than fifty yards from the light brown brick Second Baptist Church with its slightly taller steeple. And Rex s scootering leg Oh my gosh I could not handle that Rex barreled down the blacktophis scooter leg bouncing off the pavement, propelling him at a fraction of the speed of a bicycle In addition, there were so many side characters with quirky personalities scattered throughout the book that truly made it memorable Can you justCan you just speed up a little Try and lose em For you, Neenie Anything GamGam pressed down on the gas, and Janine s head was thrust back A lot of the humor relied on slow builds and reoccurring bits, so it was a bit hard to find the perfect quote to sum it up, but honestly, that made them all the enjoyable though, for the record, we definitely needed mortician dad and pig roasting envy When I talked with the authors about their choice of names Rex and Leif, opposed to Rhett and Link , they admitted that the first few drafts really did use their real names but eventually it felt too self indulgent and a bit awkward.They felt like they couldn t truly manipulate the world of Bleak Creek if they kept things so close to the truth.So, Rhett and Link changed their main character s names to create some distance between the novel and their real selves As a semi professional reviewer and fully professional reader, I definitely appreciated that choice If they had gone full Rhett and Link in these pages, that would take away some of the stand alone qualities of the book That s not to say that the duo didn t include things from their real lives They kept a lot of their personality quirks but exaggerated them for the book or explored them from a new direction And there were a few key moments from their lives that were kept the same, such as how they both had their first crush on the same girl Rex also had a crush on Alicia.As of a day ago.This was a painfully unfair turn of events. But overall, by creating that distance between themselves and their characters allowed for them to take the event, fictionalize it and then run with it There were a few aspects in the book that needed a smidge of polishing the ending felt a bit abrupt There was so much building, and building, and buildingand then BOOM, over I wanted And there were a few of the earlier interactions with the Whitewood School Graduates that could have been a bit polished but it wasn t so major that I was taken out of the book But that being said, this is an ARC and will likely be smoothed by the time this book hits the press and those issues if I could even call them that were so minor in comparison to my enjoyment of this book that I honestly barely noticed.All in all, one of the best things about this book is that it is good enough to stand on its own two feet pages.The plot was fresh and exciting, the world building was strong and hilarious, and the characters were extremely well fleshed out.This is truly the best book I ve read all year Andthat endingoh wow I can truly say that I never saw it coming and that I cannot stop hoping for a second book I m keeping my fingers crossed An absolutely unbelievably huge thanks to the authors Rhett McLaughlin Link Neal , Jenna Purdy, Brian Flanagan and the publishers at Crown for sending me a free ARC in exchange for an honest review and for allowing me to talk to Rhett and Link about their latest literary adventure YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading

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    Many thanks to Crown for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI am temporarily dnf ing this I m just not feeling it right now And rather than forcing myself to read it and thus not enjoying it, I m gonna wait a bit hmmmmmmcelebrities trying to write a book disaster BUT1 10 celebrity books are good.so Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit Buy

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    Am I only adding this book to my TBR because I ve loved Rhett and Link s online content for years Yes Yes, I am.Edit Okay So I did a little digging as in, I actually read the Goodreads synopsis for this And honestly The main characters names are Rex McClendon and Leif Nelson If I d been drinking milk when I read that I d have shot it out of my nose.This book is going to be a freaking masterpiece.

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    I wanted to love this one a lot, but I merely liked it GMM is great, however I felt that the authorial insertion actually detracted from what at it s core is an interesting kids on bikes and scooter story Hardcore, GMM fans will likely enjoy it

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    I can t wait for this Rett and Link are amazing and this book sounds so cool

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    Creepy Creek just in time for HalloweenA reform school is not what it seems What secret is hidden beneath a natural spring on the grounds of the school A secret the townsfolk of Bleak Creek are willing to kill for.I didn t know who Rhett and Link were before receiving this book I m not a big fan of watching YouTube So when i heard they were internet stars i was doubtful I was pleasantly surprised at how good this story was Told mostly through the eyes of a trio of 14 year olds this was a well written story with crisp, funny, and at times disturbing dialogue How much would you be willing to sacrifice to save your child Your soul The souls of other children Stephen King s It meets Stranger Things with a splash of Poltergeist.Thanks to Goodreads giveaway.

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    I mean I m not a super fan of these two, but I know their stuff and I ve loved what little I ve seen so yeah, I ll bite at this

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    I received this book as an advance copy to my local library, and as a fan of Rhett and Link who currently has it pre ordered, I jumped on the chance to read it early Overall very, very pleasantly surprised I m not going to say I was ready to choke down whatever the novel ended up being, but as a writer myself, I feel like you need to have written before or read voraciously in order to write something others will enjoy reading Apparently I underestimated how much the boys read, because this was a solid novel I was never tripped up by clunkiness or irrelevant passages, and what s , the entire novel reads as something Rhett and Link wrote Their humor is evident from page one, and especially in earlier chapters, I caught myself laughing out loud at jokes fan will definitely have a backstory with It might be alienating to someone who s never watched their content, but not overly so the best way I can describe the narrative throughout is like a knockoff YA Terry Pratchett It requires you to be paying attention, and the humor is very satirical, especially in chapters that contain older characters One warning There s a ton like, a ton of psychological torture in this novel, all of it committed against teens, as well as some good old physical torture Nothing s too graphic, but trauma is a recurring theme, both experiencing it and surviving it Anyone who, like me, is a fan and was on the fence about Rhett and Link s ability to write fiction can rest easy knowing that it s a good book, period Would I recommend it to the uninitiated I m not sure, almost entirely because the main character s names are Rex and Lief I mean, come on You could have renamed yourself anything, and you went with that.

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    A small town with small minds and an out of control leader who also operates a reform school for kids is a recipe for disaster The kids of Bleak Creek are pretty normal and act out less than most teens in other parts of the country but this doesn t stop them from being committed to a strange reform school that some students never return from or others come back acting like zombies it takes a trio of amateur filmmakers and a couple of former inmates at the school to find out the truth and hopefully make it out alive to warn others.Creepy and very much a horror story, this is one tale that will keep you out of the woods and strange springs forever A bit like Stranger Things or early Stephen King, this is a good pick for adults or young adult horror readers My thanks to the publisher for the advance copy.

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