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The Best of the Best, Vol 2Science Fiction Is Ideally Suited To The Short Novel Form Long Enough To Conjure An Alien Or Future Society In Our Imaginations, Yet Elegant And Powerful Free Of Padding Award Winning Editor Gardner Dozois Presents Here The 13 Finest Science Fiction Novellas Of The Last Two Decades.Contents Sailing To Byzantium 1985 By Robert Silverberg Surfacing 1988 By Walter Jon Williams The Hemingway Hoax 1990 By Joe Haldeman Mr Boy 1990 By James Patrick Kelly Beggars In Spain 1991 By Nancy Kress Griffin S Egg 1991 By Michael Swanwick Outnumbering The Dead 1990 By Frederik Pohl Forgiveness Day 1994 By Ursula K Le Guin The Cost To Be Wise 1996 By Maureen F McHugh Oceanic 1998 By Greg Egan Tendel O S Story 2000 By Ian McDonald New Light On The Drake Equation 2001 By Ian R MacLeod Turquoise Days 2002 By Alastair ReynoldsFront Cover Illustration By Joe Roberts

[ Reading ] ➸ The Best of the Best, Vol 2 Author Gardner Dozois – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 800 pages
  • The Best of the Best, Vol 2
  • Gardner Dozois
  • English
  • 07 January 2019
  • 9781845299231

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    Outstanding collection of classic novellas novelettes.Here s the TOC My favorites are starred, but they re all worth reading Beggars in Spain Sleepless 1991 novella by Nancy Kress Forgiveness Day Yeowe and Werel 2 1994 novella by Ursula K Le Guin Griffin s Egg 1991 novella by Michael Swanwick One of Swanwick s best Mr Boy 1990 novella by James Patrick Kelly New Light on the Drake Equation 2001 novella by Ian R MacLeod Oceanic 1998 novella by Greg Egan Outnumbering the Dead 1990 novella by Frederik Pohl Sailing to Byzantium 1985 novella by Robert Silverberg Surfacing 1988 novella by Walter Jon Williams Tendel o s Story Chaga 2000 novella by Ian McDonald The Cost to Be Wise 1996 novelette by Maureen F McHugh The Hemingway Hoax 1990 novella by Joe Haldeman Might be Haldeman s be...

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    He escrito varias veces antes que la compilaci n anual de cuentos de ciencia ficci n que prepara religiosamente Gardner Dozois desde 1984 es quiz el mejor libro de cuentos de CF que uno puede tener cada a o Si uno no pudiera comprar m s que un solo libro de cuentos de CF, para qu complicarse la vida, hay que agarrar ese monstruo que cada a o suele superar las 600 p ginas y leerlo de inicio a fin Adem s de los cuentos mismos, cada libro incluye una introducci n que cuenta todo lo relacionado a la CF en ese a o C mo est n las revistas del g nero que incluyen Asimov s Science Fiction de la cual el mismo Dozois fue un impresionante editor durante muchos a os , The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction que lleva mucho m s de medio siglo produciendo la mejor CF , y Analog a n m s antiguo que FSF , quien trabaja donde, qu hubo en temas de novelas, pel culas, y cualquier cosa relacionada a la CF, incluso qu autores y otra gente del ramo ya no est m s en este mundo Enorme trabajo Despu s de un par de d cadas de producir su indispensable antolog a, a Dozois se le ocurri la idea de revisar los primeros 20 tomos y destilar los mejor de lo mejor Y prepar otro volumen enorme con una selecci n de los mejores cuentos elegidos de entre las 20 compilaciones anuales No contento con esto, prepar un segundo tomo, donde agrup , tambi n eligiendo de entre sus 20 primeras antolog a, lo mejor de lo que en ingl s se llama novella nouvelles, en fr...

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    An amazing collection of thought provoking stories Anyone who likes science fiction, but hasn t kept up with all of the trade periodicals, will benefit from some major horizon broadening after reading this anthology.

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    To be honest, I don t actually know if I finished this or read all the stories in it Though I know I ve read some of them, particularly in full length novel forms.

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    There s a list near the front of this book of other Mammoth Book of titles I find some of them hilarious Extreme Fantasy What is that The Kama Sutra Why not just buy the Kama Sutra On the Edge I ve less idea what this is than I have about the Extreme FantasyParanormal Romance I want Sub normal Romance The romance to be sub normal, not the protagonists.Women who Kill What demographic is this marketed towards Moving onfirst up is Sailing to Byzantium by Robert Silverberg My experiences with Silverberg have been few and not great I tried one of his novels in my early teens and gave up within 30 pagestwice Last year I read a short alternative history novel in which plague had destroyed Europe as a power and South America and Asia were the dominant continents It was really just a not overly exciting adventure, though almost a waste of an idea I started Sailing to Byzantium with a prejudice against it I didn t want to like it at all.In fact I did like it by the end, but still thought it was flawed a effort In the far future, apparently immortal citizens, of which there may be a few million at most, live a life of leisure, visiting re creations of historical cities There...

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    Mammoth is a cultural phenomenon relatively cheap paperback compendia of genre material that would otherwise be lost in periodicals or never otherwise be published, alongside entertaining encyclopedic tomes covering themes that underpin our popular culture from true crime to myths and legends.Gardner Dozois niche within its ecology is Science Fiction and this volume edited by him brings together thirteen novella from the last two decades in an overview of what may not be the top thirteen by any absolute standards but which is mostly representative of Sci Fi at its contemporary best.The novella is an odd form It works well when it uses its greater length over a short story to work up an idea to its natural conclusion or to add an incident to an existing universe as Alastair Reynolds does with his otherwise fairly middle of the road tale of Ultras and Jugglers, Turquoise Days It works worst when it is clear that the author is angling for a book contract and leaves his or her tale hanging in the air in the expectation that it can be worked up later This seems to be driven by the genre literature market but it is artistically frustrating to say the least Three tales irritate for this reason but for entirely diff...

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    My Dad lent me this, and I admit to taking it rather unenthusiastically I was totally wrong This is a cracking book, and I couldn t put it down The anthology flows organically, despite the big differences in themes and writ...

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    Some classics in this one, I think I have to go back and find Volume 1 now I d read some of these novellas, but there were a few I hadn t been exposed to and they were all excellent.

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    If the rest of Dozois volumes are as good as these The Best of the Best volumes have been, I will be spending quite a lot of money on obtaining all of them.

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