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In Search of Time: The Science of a Curious DimensionAn Enjoyable And Compelling Ride Through One Of Life S Most Fascinating Enigmas What, Then, Is Time If No One Ask Of Me, I Know, St Augustine Of Hippo Lamented But If I Wish To Explain To Him Who Asks, I Know Not Who Wouldn T Sympathize With Augustine S Dilemma Time Is At Once Intimately Familiar And Yet Deeply Mysterious It Is Thoroughly Intangible We Say It Flows Like A River Yet When We Try To Examine That Flow, The River Seems Reduced To A Mirage No Wonder Philosophers, Poets, And Scientists Have Grappled With The Idea Of Time For Centuries.The Enigma Of Time Has Also Captivated Science Journalist Dan Falk, Who Sets Off On An Intellectual Journey In Search Of Time The Quest Takes Him From The Ancient Observatories Of Stone Age Ireland And England To The Atomic Clocks Of The U.S Naval Observatory From The Layers Of Geological Deep Time In An Arizona Canyon To Albert Einstein S Apartment In Switzerland Along The Way He Talks To Scientists And Scholars From California To New York, From Toronto To Oxford He Speaks With Anthropologists And Historians About Our Deep Desire To Track Time S Cycles He Talks To Psychologists And Neuroscientists About The Mysteries Of Memory He Quizzes Astronomers About The Beginning And End Of Time Not To Mention Our Latest Theories About Time Travel And The Paradoxes It Seems To Entail We Meet Great Minds From Aristotle To Kant, From Newton To Einstein And We Hear From Today S Most Profound Thinkers Roger Penrose, Paul Davies, Julian Barbour, David Deutsch, Lee Smolin, And Many.As Usual, Dan Falk S Style Combines Exhaustive Research With A Lively, Accessible, And Often Humorous Style, Making In Search Of Time A Delightful Tour Through A Most Curious Dimension From The Hardcover Edition.

➽ In Search of Time: The Science of a Curious Dimension Download ➺ Author Dan Falk – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • In Search of Time: The Science of a Curious Dimension
  • Dan Falk
  • English
  • 01 November 2017
  • 9780771047596

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    Falk is a science journalist The subtitle of In Search of Time is Journeys Along a Curious Dimension These two facts lead to an obvious conclusion This book is mostly about physics No surprises there However, the first few chapters a pretty light on science Falk talks about time from an anthropological and historical stand point He discusses how different societies in history interpreted time and how they measured it He talks about the first calendars and the first clocks This is all quite good fun as a physicist it can sometimes be hard for me to read popular physics because I m too close to the subject I have no such problems reading history.Soon enough, though, the hard science begins Falk takes a predictable route from Newton to Einstein and beyond to interesting yet untestable ideas like string theory He interviews lots of current physicists about their ideas about time and asks them what they think Einstein thought Often he stops to describe the pretty little quaint English villages they live in Falk clearly likes the South ...

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    I like the way this book talks about time in ancient civilizations

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    He interviewd Barbour, Deutsch, and Penrose for this , but had no real idea what to ask them Also you can probably skip the first five chapters

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    It s too bad that the author and I are so far as I know completely unrelated I m sure his research would make for fascinating conversation fodder at Thanksgivings In any case, and aside from a few redundant chapters at the end that retread material covered on the opening pages, Falk s book is an ideal bedtime companion that affords a fine evening read aloud In Search Of takes on diverse aspects of how we understand, perceive, observe, and describe time everything from the technological and sociological history of calendars and clocks to the function of memory and sensory perception to relativity and new theoretical forays into quantum gravitation The author s witty, so much so that I often enjoyed reading the author s observations aloud Completing a visit to the Master Clock actually a timepiece aggregator kept by the US Naval Observatory Falk writes, I glance at my watch One of us is off by fifty seconds I m guessing it s me I m sure I quoted this when I first came across it at page 56 My bedtime companion did not complain.I came upon this delightful book during a quarterly library purge, allowing me to read it at leisure The only downside of this, at least for me, is that ownership privileges come free of the artificial deadlines that help drive timely write ups However, the upside is that I can bookmark like...

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    Falk gets the pendulum swinging by taking his reader s back to prehistoric times, and his best guesses based upon anthropology and archaeology at how early humans gazed into the cosmos, noticed the circular patterns of stars, moon and the sun, and created a notion of time that was vaguely agreed upon with certain cultures throughout history providing an intriguing spin on the logical progression from then to now and onto later Despite the variety of interpretations, the general consensus is that time can be measured and how machines, including pendulum based clocks, tell us everything we need to know about past, present and future This pendulum reaches its equilibrium position when it gets to Newton s mathematically absolute sense of time, but soon scatters into an array of possible trajectories as Leibniz, Einstein and quantum theorists begin to question and introduce uncertainty into the same cosmos our ancient ancestors looked to at the beginning of time Many points along the narrative path reveal some hidden truths about what some people feel about the unknowable concept, such as Dickens Christmas Carol being a precu...

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    An enjoyable and compelling ride through one of life s most fascinating enigmas What, then, is time If no one ask of me, I know, St Augustine of Hippo lamented But if I wish to explain to him who asks, I know not Who wouldn t sympathize with Augustine s dilemma Time is at once intimately familiar and yet deeply mysterious It is thoroughly intangible We say it flows like a river yet when we try to examine that flow, the river seems reduced to a mirage No wonder philosophers, poets, and scientists have grappled with the idea of time for centuries.The enigma of time has also captivated science journalist Dan Falk, who sets off on an intellectual journey In Search of Time The ...

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    A good, concise, very interesting overview of or less current thought on the nature of time The book is a bit dated it came out in 2008, when the Large Hadron Collider had yet to be up and running and the Cramer reverse causality experiment hadn t yet occurred or HAD it Read the book Nevertheless, in 10 years I suppose not much can be added to what Einstein, Hawking, Penrose et al be...

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    Very interesting The book brings the slippery business of time out for a brief look I found the discussions and examples interesting.

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    Excellent Didn t go as in depth as I would have wanted to go, but he provided plenty of sources for further reading.

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    Really interesting The last chapter was definitely my favorite.

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