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The Organization of Information The Extensively Revised And Completely Updated Second Edition Of This Popular Textbook Provides LIS Practitioners And Students With A Vital Guide To The Organization Of Information After A Broad Overview Of The Concept And Its Role In Human Endeavors, Taylor Proceeds To A Detailed And Insightful Discussion Of Such Basic Retrieval Tools As Bibliographies, Catalogs, Indexes, Finding Aids, Registers, Databases, Major Bibliographic Utilities, And Other Organizing Entities After Tracing The Development Of The Organization Of Recorded Information In Western Civilization From 2000 B.C.E To The Present, The Author Addresses Topics That Include Encoding Standards MARC, SGML, And Various DTDs , Metadata Description, Access, And Access Control , Verbal Subject Analysis Including Controlled Vocabularies And Ontologies, Classification Theory And Methodology, Arrangement And Display, And System Design.

[Download] ➾ The Organization of Information  ➹ Arlene G. Taylor – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 417 pages
  • The Organization of Information
  • Arlene G. Taylor
  • English
  • 20 July 2018
  • 1563089696

    10 thoughts on “[Download] ➾ The Organization of Information ➹ Arlene G. Taylor – Diclofenac16.us

  1. says:

    My Information Organization and Retrieval class used this book to kick off the first half of the semester I can honestly say that I learned absolutely nothing in this very dry readat least, nothing that I didn t discover in theengaging, detailed and pertinent articles used t...

  2. says:

    This was actually a text I needed for a an introductory Information Science class For a course that is centered on organization, it would have helped immensely if the text used had been well organized, clear and did not contradict itself or leave things un explained, or explained p...

  3. says:

    I include this book only as a means of including every book published by Libaries Unlimited In pursuit of the MLIS, I have been ordered to purchase no fewer than four text books published by LU I say with complete, non inebriated candor that every successive book from LU has set a...

  4. says:

    What can I say about this epic that hasn t already been said The obsession, the sorrow, and the passion that is Information Organization comes alive in the burning pages of this masterwork Have faith, all library science acolytes I speak earnestly, this is an amazin...

  5. says:

    All of my MLIS holding cronies led me to believe Organization of Information is just cataloging in disguise WRONG This is the philosophical study of and historical record of the practices and usefulness of cataloging I d give it five stars if the ranking was classified aseffective than Ativan.

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    This is a textbook There isn t anything wrong with it But in the end it is a textbook.

  7. says:

    For a book about organizing information, this is the most disorganized, dry thing I have every had the displeasure of reading It is incredibly hard to follow I came into my degree program thinking I might be into the I side of Information Sciences This book has made me seriously question that idea If you are an information sciences professor, please find asuitable book for introductory courses Find one that inspires your students to learn instead of being forced to ...

  8. says:

    This book was a textbook for an information science course that I took The topics are pretty self evident from the title The book covered many good topics that any information professional should be familiar with Chapter titles included retrieval tools, history of organization of recorded information, metadata, encoding standards, system and system design, subject analysis, controlled vocabularies, and classification systems Overall full of god information, provided overviews of many topics This book was a textbook for an information science course that I took The topics are pretty self evident from the title The book covered many good topics that any info...

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    Because this textbook is so broad by necessity, it s not an especially engaging read However, it does breeze through a huge list of topics, supplying a lot of vocabulary and a little insight into various philosophical debates This makes it a great sta...

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    It s a bit of a lie to say I read this book, but I read enough to get the general feel for it As far as textbooks go, it was pretty readable Not so readable that I could stay awake for very long, though.

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