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Beach TripMel, Sara, Annie, And Lola Have Traveled Diverse Paths Since Their Years Together At A Small Southern Liberal Arts College During The Early 1980s Mel, A Mystery Writer Living In New York, Is Grappling With The Aftermath Of Two Failed Marriages And A Stalled Writing Career Sara, An Atlanta Attorney, Struggles With Her Own Slowly Unraveling Marriage Annie, A Successful Nashville Businesswoman Married To Her Childhood Sweetheart, Can T Seem To Leave Behind The Regrets Of Her Youth And Sweet Tempered Lola Whiles Away Her Hours And Her Husband S Money On Little Pills That Keep Her Happy.Now The Friends, All In Their Forties, Converge On Lola S Lavish North Carolina Beach House In An Attempt To Relive The Carefree Days Of Their College Years But As The Week Wears On And Each Woman S Hidden Story Is Gradually Revealed, These Four Friends Learn That They Must Inevitably Confront Their Shared Past, And A Secret That Threatens To Change Their Bond, And Their Lives, Forever.

!!> Read ➵ Beach Trip ➹ Author Cathy Holton – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 432 pages
  • Beach Trip
  • Cathy Holton
  • English
  • 11 April 2018
  • 9780345506009

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    I wouldn t recommend this book There are so many things that I found annoying unreal frustrating about it Yet, it could trigger some good feminist discussion, so for that one point, I didn t hate it.What I don t like The author has a few solid discrepancies that are pretty apparent Timelines arent always accurate Before a boat ride, one of the characters says shes never been on a boat in deep water but wait thats the only way to get the island Every female character is pathetic in pretty major ways Yes, I get the idea that people put on airs and things aren t always as they seem, but this took it way too far This was DRAMA for the sake of drama Flat characters exept when they did something crazy unbelievable Explaining would be spoiling the majority of the book The ending was simply stupid Not to mention that the author switches decades from time to time, but sometimes notes it in the chapter and sometimes she doesn t She also changes narrator...

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    NOT A GOOD TRIPI am always, always in search of another great women bonding book similar to Saving Graces by Patricia Gaffney or Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik When I came upon Beach Trip, I thought it had potential Certainly the cover was beautiful, the premise of four college roommates meeting up again some 20 years later was a good one and the author seemed to have a huge fan base I was getting ready to leave for a Las Vegas vacation and decided this would be the book I would take with me Reading on the plane, reading at the pool.I could picture it all as I was packing my bag So I started it en route to Las Vegas leaving from Philadelphia and probably put it down by the time we reached Ohio and opted instead for a magazine That was not a good sign as Ohio connects to Pennsylvania So I tried again at the pool After about 10 pages, I put it down thinking perhaps it was too hot outside to read Each time I picked it up, I had a different reason for putting it down The book jumped back and forth between the years the girls were living together in college in 1980 a...

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    This book intrigued me because it was set on Whale Head Island why bother with the pseudonym when EVERYTHING else about it is specific to Bald Head Island, NC my favorite place in the world Anyway, that small detail bothered me the WHOLE time The story of 4 college girlfriends who have grown apart and are taking a week s vacation together 20 years later resonated with me I read this book in two days, super easy read As I was reading it on the Kindle, I kept thinking ok, I am 50% done when is it going to delve a bit deeper I am 60% done, 70% done, etc About 90% of the ...

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    This book was just a lot longer than it needed to be I was, frankly, bored at the repetition and lengthy explanations of insignificant plot points I couldn t relate to the idea of keeping all your biggest secrets hidden from the people who are allegedly your dearest friends Meh.

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    What a great escape book Four old college pals get together 20 some years later for a beach holiday Funny, sweet and sad A great ride.

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    I loved this book and didn t want it to end, even after 406 pages I bought it last year and put it on the shelf, thinking I had succumbed to picking up a light chick lit book while on a beach vacation It lingered on the shelf until vacation time this year guilt made me pack it to take to the beach The story of four women meeting 20 years after college graduation for a week long vacationat the beach, of course, is so much than the usual light fare The dialogue is terrific, the humor and heart wrenching story of each of the four women who had gone in very different directions so, so good The book was so good that I went to the same bookstore this year to find another Cathy Holton book None to be found I started looking online she had written two books before this one and two after While searching around, I was stunned and saddened, because I h...

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    This book was about 150 pages too long.

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    Wish I had heeded the reviews, I finished it but that was a chore I couldn t care less about the characters, they were so one dimensional and predictable Could have been a third shorter with pace Xx

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    My book club read this, or I wouldn t have chosen it to read It contains some good writing, some beautiful description, but it s not really my kind of book I read the first 140 pages, and then I got tired of waiting for the payoff, so I read the last 50 or so pages I don t feel like I missed anything I didn t rate it because that s not fair when I didn t read the whole thing Still, it did...

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    I liked itcollege girls get together after 20 yearshow their life s really are compared to how they re perceivedEnlightening.Be true to yourself Follow your dreams It s never too late Don t give up or give in It s not really the easiest way..

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