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In This Alone Impulse An Investigation Into Interiority, Shya Scanlon S Debut Collection, In This Alone Impulse, Breaks Language Down Into Strange, New Elements, And Constructs A Voice At Once Private And Eerily Resonant Using A Formal Constraint, A Container, Of Compressed Seven Line Text Blocks, Scanlon Creates A System Of Stunning Variations Of Tonal And Syntactical Complexity From The Humorous And Playful To The Dark And Cerebral To The Unabashedly Sentimental, The Poems Of In This Alone Impulse Are Ultimately A Celebration Of Self In All Its Sorrow, Triumph And Loss.

[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ In This Alone Impulse  Author Shya Scanlon – Diclofenac16.us
  • Paperback
  • 65 pages
  • In This Alone Impulse
  • Shya Scanlon
  • 19 September 2019
  • 9781934819104

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    Scanlon is sharp witted, clever, and at times completely confusing This book reminds me of the best and worst of David Foster Wallace Sometimes, you re giggling Other times you re annoyed that the writer is too much smarter than y...

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    Shya Scanlon s new book of poems, In This Alone Impulse Noemi Press, 2009 , is impossible to categorize and endlessly rewarding His ability to play with words, to jumble them, to change their meaning through all this jumble, is what makes it unique, and moving.None of the poems are longer than seven lines, and within those lines are sharp witted, playful conversations between the author and his mind, or between his mind and his external environment At times, the mind works through dreams, and many of these poems, with the way words are arranged or used and misused, hyper used even, seem to emulate dream dialogues Scanlon meets and converses with images from his past and present, his family, his childhood, a day at the beach, his loves and his struggles.Prior to the poems about poet Tony Hoagland toward the last quarter, the book is floating, metamorphosing, getting ready for something Post Tony, some of the abstraction that came before crystallizes into something concrete, a moving forward somehow, and an illumination occurs There is a little less wordplay and references to specific physical entities and beings It s as if Scanlon s awoken from his dream or out of the alone ness of s...

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    First off, this is one of the most elegantly designed books this year The poems are set as word blocks and they breathe easily, each word given a nice space to move around in The words though, sometimes had a hard time getting off the page and in...

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    Besides having one of the most awesomest author photos ever, In This Alone, Impulse is a stunning and strange journey I m struck by so many of Scanlon s poems, that s hard to pick favorites However, I m a path, path work, a rigorous undoing on p 45 has settled deeply into my senses This poem s humor and depth resonates particularly the line I m sliding into something just north of regret, so subtle and poignant, this seven line poem speaks to the heart of not being what y...

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    What s interesting to me, is that as I read this, I thought sure, okay, arguably these poems may be all about being alone, and all about impulse, and yet what I kept thinking, is that these are riffs on relationship, all kinds of relationships, with those we love, at least those we love right now, but also with cars, money, language, and the world we are so very much of and in Maybe the point here, is that ev...

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    This book is one of the best I ve read this year Each page is like a little present and Shya has crafted some amazing images and words on the page in a way that keeps you wanting The beauty of the work is that you re feeling all the feelings w...

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    The restraint is what stole me here, the way in which Scanlon pushes the words out and back in, the manner of his language in staying calm yet violent, darkened but sensitive to light I read each twice, and I went back to others for This is a brutally tight book.

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    I wrote the poems in this book alone, in the dark, in a tiny kitchen on Orchard Street in NYC I was a new NYC transplant, and was heavily under the influence of the city I d always dreamed about.

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